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Thermal Imaging

Why do it?


Electrical circuits and components often fail because of fatigue, defective components, contamination, loose connections, maybe even poor workmanship.  Failing components have one feature in common, they will always experience a rise in temperature or create a 'hot spot' prior to failure. 
Using infrared thermal imaging cameras will allow us to quickly identify problems before components fail.

What Is Involved?

Our engineer using an infra red camera will take images of your electrical panels. This can be done by simply removing the cover or barrier of the electrical distribution equipment, and does not require it to be isolated. 

Electrical components with faults will generate heat; the camera will detect excessive heat in relation to the ambient temperature which will alert the engineer to a potential problem. The engineer will be trained to recognise whether the heat is sufficient to warrant further investigation, where upon you will be notified. 
Your Report Will Include...
Installation details and characteristics 
Schedule of items tested and inspected 
A thermal image and standard digital image of piece of equipment surveyed 
Recommendations for any further investigation required along with an explanation.